Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hit and chat with BART police, then run

BART Police questioned the driver and then let him go; no arrests were made. Not sure how someone doing this gets to drive away.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported,
The incident happened when the driver was heading south on 11th and was blocked by streams of marchers walking along Broadway, witnesses said. He had a green light, but could not get through. The driver “got frustrated and hit the gas,” said Nick Lucas, 25, of Berkeley. “He was getting pissed.”
The San Jose Mercury News reported,
The man who is on the ground now hit the car, and then the driver pushed on the gas,” said Ayzia Robinson of Benicia.
The car was then surrounded by a mob of demonstrators as medics arrived on the scene. The guy who got hit by the car hit the hood of the car, and then the driver hit the gas,” said a witness who gave her name as Kareena. “This is a situation where you have two people with bad decision making skills.”
Here are some photos from the Bay Area News Group: